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REDsync iOS App Lets You Control RED EPIC or SCARLET Remotely Through Apple Devices

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RED’s new Meizler Module was recently introduced, and it does almost everything you think a module should be able to do. It’s wireless functionality and proxy capabilities are the main selling point, but RED is also developing their own app that allows control of a RED EPIC or SCARLET through an iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. Here is another video from Sean Ruggeri at RED giving a brief overview of the Meizler Module as well as the new REDsync app:

The REDsync Master is an entirely different device, and not another module that attaches directly to the RED body. To actually be able to use the REDsync app, it seems like it requires the Meizler Module, along with the REDsync Master — though I’m not sure if that will be the case (or always be the case). There are many productions that would benefit greatly from the ability to use the REDsync app, as it gives tons of metadata information — not to mention the ability to control remotely many functions and settings of the camera.

From what I can tell, none of these are actually available yet, but we should be seeing them sooner rather than later. If you’re in the market for a Meizler Module, and you need the functionality, it’s up in the RED store right now (available from the link below), but doesn’t look like it’s shipping just yet.



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  • Joe – the REDsync Master is not a module for the camera. It is basically the “master TC clock” – which transmits audio and TC for the entire set. So you could place it on the sound cart for example – since it takes audio input that it also transmits wirelessly to the Meizler Module attached to the camera(s).

    • Joe Marine on 10.7.12 @ 8:29AM

      Thanks for the clarification, Mark. They seem to be talking a lot about the Meizler Module but not quite how all of these specific hardware parts will fit in with your rig.

      • There’s a lot more to the system than in is shown in that video – I’m confident you will start to hear and see more details from RED as it closer to shipping. But I can tell you – it changes a LOT of things with respect to workflows (no audio syncing, no transcode). One of the most exciting things is the ability for the DP him/herself – to quickly adjust the primary grade for dailies/editorial (non-destructive) – instantly – in realtime – and just shoot – not DIT cart, etc.

        • Joe Marine on 10.7.12 @ 9:02AM

          Yeah, that’s a huge deal, no question. Having the first light grade done on set could speed up workflows tremendously – not to mention having the proxies. Turnaround times for footage with RED haven’t always been a strong point, but these are definitely gigantic leaps in the right direction.

  • Definitely the most robust module to come from the RED team yet. As far as camera reporting alone the RED Sync app changes the game a bit with an all paperless workflow that the whole team would have instant access to. Pretty awesome. Can’t wait to see it rolled out so we can play with it here in Miami!

  • This looks pretty amazing. The Meizler Module is prohibitively expensive for most Scarlet owners, but the functionality included makes it almost worth it. As I understand it the Epic and Scarlet already include wifi – it’s what’s used to connect to the redmote, albeit with a modified protocol. It’s a pity that it can’t be co-opted to work with ipad app directly for those of us with shallower pockets.