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No Film School is Hiring Bloggers, a Distribution/Marketing Writer, and a Social Media Specialist

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UPDATE: applications are now closed. We’ll be responding this month (in January February), but give us some time to review them all. Thanks for your interest!

Want to write about something you love, and help build one of the fastest-growing filmmaking sites at the same time? We’ve got a few part-time jobs (with a lot of room to grow) available. We’re looking for General Film/Video writers, a Distribution/Marketing/Industry writer, and a Social Media/Traffic specialist. You can do any of these things from anywhere in the world. You can do them in your underwear. You don’t have to deal with the expense or hassle of commuting. You don’t have to stare at cubicle walls that are probably (and depressingly) beige. And you’ll hopefully learn a lot along the way, while building up your own abilities (as well as garnering name recognition for yourself). Read on if you’re interested!

Since I last did a call for writers a year ago, we’ve tripled in size (!), so you’ll definitely be joining a site on the way up. And while our new design is still a ways off, that’s also something to look forward to. Here’s the site’s traffic since the very beginning, when it was just lonely ‘ole me:

Here are the positions we’re currently hiring for and what we’re looking for each each position to cover. The first thing to note: not all readers of this site will make good candidates. We need writers with an overall level of, or a specific area of, expertise. Think you know more than the average NFS reader? Read on.

Also, if you already run a filmmaking website or have your own blog in this space and are interested in partnering/syndicating, please email me instead. Otherwise, please read through the rest of the post and apply using the links at the bottom. Here are the positions:

General Film/Video writer

  • You already know what this site covers on a daily basis, but here’s a sampling of topics:
  • Filmmaking. Specifically, the DIY and Independent variety, but any movie project is relevant if it’s something we can all learn from.
  • News about the latest products, services, and applications that affect filmmakers/videomakers/creatives.
  • How-to posts and tutorials.
  • Contests, grants, fellowships, festivals, and other opportunities.
  • The future of film, and how the internet, TV, and transmedia are changing movies.
  • Independent creativity — people finding a way to earn a living by creating what they want.

Distribution/Marketing/Industry writer

  • The democratization of filmmaking requires two things. One: cheaper methods of production. We’ve charted these well here on NFS and they are already here, by and large. Two: new revenue streams and platforms to level the playing field on the distribution side. We haven’t charted these changes as well, and they are just now emerging in earnest.
  • We’re thus looking for a writer focused on what happens to movies after they’re done. In no particular order, some potential topics: acquisitions, theatrical distribution, direct-to-audience sales, web series, advertising-supported distribution, branded media, film festivals, monetization strategies, VOD, VODO, foreign sales, screening fees, deliverables, merchandising.

Social Media/Traffic Specialist

  • No Film School currently has 16,000 facebook friends and 5,000 twitter followers. We’re not particularly active on either and we’re looking to increase our presence on both, not just for traffic development but also to start running contests, giveaways, and providing useful information in the form of ongoing dialogue with NFSers.
  • Whereas the other positions are about expertise in film first and knowledge of the internet second, this position is the opposite: I’m looking for someone passionate about and experienced with social media marketing — who also happens to love movies — to come on board and help us (continue) to grow. (Note that much of what I’m going to say in the next few paragraphs applies less to this position than the writing ones.)

Think you might be a good fit one of these positions? Here are the three main things you should have, in order to become part of the NFS team:

  1. Credibility in film — whether that be in producing, cinematography, editing, directing, screenwriting, post-production, marketing, or some combination of the above. You don’t need to have 60 credits on your IMDB page, but you do need real-world experience and/or an education from which to draw.
  2. The ability to write well. Blogging isn’t Shakespeare, but it also shouldn’t be typo-laden, and I have and will continue to hold No Film School to a higher standard than the average blog.
  3. Any other skills are a bonus. I never could’ve taken the site this far if I only did one thing, so multi-hyphenates are welcome — so long as you have at least one topic about which you feel authoritative and passionate enough to write about every day.

For the general writing position, your tasks could consist of:

  • Reading the film/video news every day, blogging top stories
  • Watching shorts and web series to find good content to share
  • Responding to comments, answering emails
  • Getting loaners of gear to test on shoots
  • Writing reviews of that gear
  • Contacting other authors, filmmakers, etc. looking for guest posts
  • Recording video tutorials and reviews
  • Shooting and/or editing behind-the-scenes videos
  • Brainstorming about the future of film production and distribution — and writing features on these topics

These are paid positions — part-time to start, with a lot of future opportunities. You are not going to get rich writing blog posts — it is supplemental income. That said, we are looking for writers with availability. If you have a full-time day job, you are probably not the best candidate at this point. Why? Because we’re not just looking for people who can contribute to No Film School, we’re looking for people who can contribute to No Film School regularly. The best candidates to write for NFS are folks who have experience in film, which means you’re probably working on your own projects periodically; if you have a day job and you’re working on your own projects, in our experience it is unrealistic to also expect you to find the time to write well-reasoned, informed blog posts on the reg. Candidates who are freelancers, unemployed, or underemployed will be given preference to those with full-time jobs. You should be able to commit to writing posts most days — if you’re already really busy and could only contribute a few posts a month, please DO NOT apply at this time.

Also, if you’re applying to write for NFS, then you should understand that beyond the short-term pay, there are a lot of other long-term benefits. By this I’m referring to the kind of exposure that comes with getting your name out there, the kind of secondary opportunities (see: the NoFilmSchool Manifesto) that come about because of consistent exposure and commitment, and the kind of creative self-improvement that results from paying close attention to the filmmaking world and thinking about it every day.

To apply for any of the positions, click on the appropriate link below. You’ll be taken to a questionnaire — a virtual job application. How long the forms stay open will depend on how many applications we receive, but I anticipate they’ll be open at least until the end of the year. I will update this post as the process unfolds.

Serious applicants only, please. DO NOT apply if you are interested in writing guest posts, or if you could only commit to a few posts a month. Also DO NOT apply if you are interested in being a designer, developer, assistant, intern, any position on MANCHILD, or anything else. There will be more opportunities for these kinds of things going forward… just not right now.

DO apply if you are motivated, smart, positive, organized, creative, hungry, and you recognize the opportunity this represents! We look forward to hearing from you, as you might be our next:

  • General Film/Video writer
  • Distribution/Marketing/Industry writer
  • Social Media/Traffic specialist

UPDATE: applications are now closed. Thanks for your interest!


We’re all here for the same reason: to better ourselves as writers, directors, cinematographers, producers, photographers... whatever our creative pursuit. Criticism is valuable as long as it is constructive, but personal attacks are grounds for deletion; you don't have to agree with us to learn something. We’re all here to help each other, so thank you for adding to the conversation!

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  • Thinking about reposting this, but most of my film friends are Canadian. Are the positions open to international applicants?

  • Exciting! I would love to write for NFS. Been following this site since its inception and would to be apart of it. Go Go Gadget application!

  • Please don’t redesign the site.

    Every site lately tries to reinvent itself and fails. I love the simple layout. I get the info I need from the post, and if I wish to read more, I dive in.

    Don’t go PVC on me.

    • I take that as a compliment for the current design! However I believe there are many things we can improve while maintaining clarity. I used to be a full-time web designer so you know I’m going to have high standards for the next iteration!

    • Jeff Akwante on 12.18.12 @ 7:30PM

      This site needs a major facelift IMO, NFS should do a good job with it, and keep the balance.

  • I couldn’t be more excited and motivated by this. You have my app for sure, keeping my fingers crossed.

  • want to hire a 17 year-old? :D

  • I find that most film sites I go to write about cameras with authority, but when it comes to audio it’s links to other sites that may or may not be informed. Not just product reviews, but practical guides seem to be lacking. Good field recording practices, mic options and when to use which, mixing audio, using effects (compression, EQ, reverb (especially with impulses from on set!), noise reduction), mastering for final playback formats… It all gets treated like something magical that other people should be paid to do instead of an area of practical study. I think there’s a big opening there for your next round of new writers (and one I would love to volunteer for).

    To a lesser degree lighting is in the same state. There are some DIY lighting kits based on other DIY lighting kits from 5 or 6 years ago, but very few taking advantage of portable LED units available these days; there are guides to 3-point interview lighting, but very little practical scene lighting. Perhaps there’s good writing on that out there that I’m just missing, but I would love to have a resource for more of that kind of info.

  • Applied and feeling inspired.

    Really hope to hear from you guys soon.

  • Good idea! A dedicated VFX guy would be pretty great as well :)

  • Julian Terry on 12.18.12 @ 11:44PM

    Reeding is my best!

  • I am considering applying. I written articles that have been published (albeit not for profit) but as a full time college student, I don’t if I can be a regular writer. What is the requirement for this kind of job? Two articles a month? A week?

  • Well I am interested and also I can contribute in breaking the barrier English/Spanish too

    Where is the registration form?

  • I am hoping there are no age requirements for the job, I am 16.. almost 17 (will be in the new year) and I applied !

  • Koo, if its not inappropriate to ask, could you please elaborate on the question for mock blog post 3/3 in the application. Are we to write it as if we were involved in the project, creatively making things up? Or are we to analyse it, and speculate, in a more journalistic tone. The wording is ambiguous on this point.

  • I’d like to throw my tuppence worth into the hat. Firstly in congratulating Ryan on creating a resource that is without doubt the most informative and well thought through piece of independent creative journalism on the net. I love the newsletter format and the scrolling space that belies the fact that it was probably created in some kind of free space. Sure it’s going to evolve and with master Koos background I’m sure that it will not suffer one bit. I’d also agree with a couple of earlier posts. Sound to some is a mystery. The magical realm of enthusiastic audio producers, but a field in which the film maker should invest some time. The power of sound to enhance the telling of a story can not be overlooked. As a one man band grappling with all these different techniques and negotiating the minefield of relevant software currently available I have always found that in the first instance the net is the place to look. It was on one of these midnight forays that I found NFS. I have not looked back or elsewhere since. I applaud the community. I’d write for you guys daily. The inclusion of new talent with time on their hands can only be a bonus. I hope you find the right guys or gals. Take care and Happy New year. If you want to link on my site Ryan let me know.

  • Hello my bro Ryan koo in fact this is a great opportunity for of us,but the problem is same of us we come from far from Africa and we would like to work with you NFS.
    So tell us what can we do for that problem????

  • Thank funs and please!!!!!! we need promotion for my film production,website design,video cameras and cameras digital cameras,computers,Editing equipments like: full storage computers with a good software,Music system for music production, We welcome professionals in film/movie industries from the entire world to come in Uganda to see, to teach us and even we can do a collaboration with those professionals in films/movies and music,

  • Any word on when the applicants will be notified?

  • I know this is an older post but is the social/traffic job still open?

  • Did anyone get hired? I missed the “Meet our new writers” announcement.

  • Hi ,
    I have been working as an assistant director, have written scripts for Tv. since films industry is underdevelopment stage . Did not have the luxury to go to film school … had to do it through all that is available on internet from sites like yours and still do it regularly. I have learned almost every thing from free resurgences and torrent books and videos available on internet. I am currently story-boarding my 60 min film and will be making it next month. I know exactly what a person on a site like no film school wants and needs. Have Pretty much been collecting every thing he needs. would like to write for you guys .. but what is it worth much does a person make ?