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NAB Video: Redding Audio and Tascam DR-60D

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Audio is the theme of this video from our NAB coverage partners over at FreshDV. Get the scoop on the new Shoeps Super CMIT Digital shotgun mic with its ability to detect ambient sound separately from direct sound. Also covered is the new Tascam DR-60D for DSLR users. Hit the jump for all the info:

The ability to pick out frequency ranges in the Super CMIT Shotgun could be incredibly useful for filmmakers. This is pretty exciting technology, what do you guys think?


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  • That Shoeps is fantastic.

    • But wait, it’s $ 4,449??? Damn!

      • Safe to say Indie movie makers won’t be buying one.

        • They could rent one. People would have a lot more money to produce things if they didn’t feel the need to own it all.

      • Haha, nice of them to leave that off the video… I was all interested until I realized it would be cheaper for me to just pay an entire crowd of people to be quiet…

        • Schoeps is like the Ferrari of microphones, I think they don’t have any one mic for less than at least 1,5 K or even 2K.
          In Germany though in the really high-class tv studios of all the big stations, it’s like a big Schoeps party. No other brand of mics in there…

  • Anthony Marino on 04.11.13 @ 12:09AM

    I have the cmit 5u and wow it’s worth it’s weight in gold. Expensive yes, but when hooked up to the pix 240 it sounds amazing. I tested many mic’s thanks to the good people at Gotham Sound who put up with me and under the worst conditions the Shoeps really stood out. Can’t say enough great things about it since I don’t always have the luxury of a sound tech, using that mic makes my job a lot easier. Great coverage so far, really enjoying the posts. Thanks

  • Random comment: don’t know why the Mitra Beamer shotgun microphone ( got zero coverage when it was announced at last year’s NAB! Seems to be quite innovative technology, or at any rate, an interesting alternative to a traditional shotgun microphone given the way it handles off-axis sound.

    • I did not see this last, year. Badass, I want one, sucks that it’s $300 dollars just for XLR inputs but 1k isn’t that bad for what it sounds like you’re getting.

    • Didn’t Laforet pimp it for a while?

      • Laforet was talking about their 3d microphone. I think Philip Bloom might have promoted this as well! But the “beam array” shotgun microphone is a different product.

  • I sometimes wonder, whether companies like Shoeps don’t really want to sell in big numbers. There is no way, that their price is justified by their input costs (their quality is seriously, something else, though). I guess, it also stems from poor manufacturing streamlining, and, very high manufacturing costs. Its not even about outsourcing to China. They can make these at 1/5th the cost, if not 1/10th, if they improve their manufacturing process, and target larger numbers.

  • After reading their reviews for their other shotgun, the CMIT 5 U, it seems they’re technology is able to remove the room noise from the signal entirely, like a “super lavelier”. Considering we spend so much on picture with cameras, spending $2K (for the CMIT 5 U) or $4K (for the Digital CMIT 5 U) seems obvious.
    When I watch videos on this site or others from the NAB show floor bad sound can kill a whole video. Investing in this tech once and using it for many cameras and many situation seems worth it.

  • Ironic that you couldn’t hear the Tascam guy because the mic was not close enough.