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Nikon Fixes 95% HDMI on D600 with Firmware 1.01, Also Updates D800 and Other Cameras

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The Nikon D600 is currently the only full-frame camera in its price range to offer uncompressed HDMI, but a huge issue prevented it from being usable — that is, until now. Nikon has just released a firmware update that corrects the HDMI output, and instead of only filling 95% of the screen, it will now fill 100%. While many were hopeful the update would also include a fix for the ability to change the aperture in live view, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Nikon also released updates for the Nikon D800 and a number of other cameras, so click through for more details and links to the downloads.

Nikon has added support for the AF-S NIKKOR 800mm f/5.6E FL ED VR to the D600, D800, D7000, D3, D3X, D3s, and D4. Below are just some of the firmware fixes, be sure to visit Nikon Rumors or Nikon’s site for the rest of the details on what has been corrected.

Key Nikon D600 firmware changes:

  • Frame output size has been changed from 95% to 100% when movie live view display is changed to “Information off” and an HDMI-compatible device is connected.
  • An issue that caused the right edges of images to be somewhat white when captured at an Image area setting of DX (24×16) 1.5x with Active D-Lighting set to Off has been resolved.
  • In some very rare cases, colors would change with shooting when white balance was set to a specific color temperature, as with Preset manual or Choose color temp. This issue has been resolved.

And for the D800:

  • Gamut for Adobe RGB images displayed in the camera’s monitor has been changed. This enables more vivid display of images.
  • With live view photography in [M] (Manual) exposure mode, exposure preview was always on. This issue has been resolved.
  • In some very rare cases when certain memory cards were used, movie recording would stop, even when the time remaining display indicated remaining recording time. This issue has been resolved.
  • In some very rare cases, colors would change with shooting when white balance was set to a specific color temperature, as with Preset manual or Choose color temp. This issue has been resolved.

It’s a bit unfathomable that the D600 was released without 100% HDMI capability. Like I said in one of my posts about the D600, I think it’s a good option for a cheaper video full-frame camera, but the crippled HDMI didn’t really give it an advantage over other DSLRs. While the D600 is still unable to change aperture in live view with automatic iris lenses, it’s possible we may never get a fix. Currently only the D800 and the D4 are able to change aperture in live view with automatic lenses — obviously you can change aperture at any time with manual iris lenses like the Nikon AI and AIS series.

Head on over to the appropriate section on Nikon’s site using the links below.


[via Nikon Rumors & Nikon Rumors]


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  • Can you use an external recorder with the d600 now?

    • Joe Marine on 04.2.13 @ 3:50PM

      You always could, but this update makes it infinitely more useful since you don’t have to zoom in post to fill the whole screen.

  • Great for Nikon users! What’s the uncompressed HDMI bitrate of the D600 with @1080 25fps approx?

  • good to see they’re on it. how long did it take them to react to / resolve the problem ? i’m still sitting around like an idiot a mere five months since canon promised us mk iii users clean hdmi out.

  • Will they ever fix the aperture in live view? It’s an issue that plagues so many of their cameras!?

    • the aperture will in my view never be fixed – It’s Nikon’s way of differentiating between the 600 & 800 cameras

      • It’s not just they want to differenciate. It’s that they can’t. The D800 & the D4 are the only models with a motor solely for this purpose, the D600 have not this motor, so it can’t do it physically, except if they rewrite the whole protocol, which I seriously doubt they will do.

  • vinceGortho on 04.2.13 @ 4:50PM

    Has anyone played with uncompressed hdmi from a nikon?
    There are barely any videos from happy people showcasing the results.

  • Rafael Lino on 04.2.13 @ 5:34PM

    Can one of you guys please make a sharpness test with the d7100? It has no OLPF, same sensor as the 5200 and no moire. Would love to know if the detail is significantly better or if its neutered by the codec.

    • Rafael Lino, search YouTube and you should see videos of D7100 vs GH3 and 5DmkIII. From what i’ve seen the D7100 is almost a dead ringer for the 5DmkIII in terms of detail in it’s image. If you adjust the in camera sharpness and contrast it should look EXACTLY like the 5DmkIII aside from the shallow DOF.

  • “Corrects”? This is a “fix”? Come on, that makes it sound like some kind of manufacturing defect that needs addressing. This was a blatant piece of crippling.

  • Great News, now this makes the D600 a WORKHOUSE coupled with a aliasing filter. The d800/d600 have the best dynamic range in video of any DSLR at the moment . It falls short of lowlight to the MARK 3 but the color gamut and image quality of d600/d800 are very nice.

    The 5200 on the other hand has a better resolution and no moire AND real HD not upconverted hd like canons via anything south of a 1dx

  • Earnest reply on 04.2.13 @ 11:31PM

    I’ve heard the D800 is really amazing in crazy low light situations. Is this true of D600 as well.

    • The D600 and D800 have amazing image quality and detail when the light is good, but since they skip pixels rather than interpolate, in low light situations, the 5DmkIII gives much better results. The 5DMKIII might be really soft, and when you pull stills from a video clip, the lack of sharpness stands out, but that’s not so visible in a moving picture.

      With these two cameras, for still images, ISO 3200 is great, 6400 starts to be iffy, and beyond that is useless. For video on the D600, I try to set it no higher than 800, otherwise noise starts to be distracting.

      In controlled light situations, I think the Nikons completely blow Canon away for video image quality, but in uncontrolled low-light situations, the 5DIII is king among DSLRs.

  • Any idea if the D7100 has this issue with HDMI out?

  • Joe:

    You should have mentioned that Nikon autofocus “AF” and “D” lenses can also be used to change aperture manually, otherwise some people might get impression that it’s only possible with old, manual focus lenses.