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First Look at the Micro 4/3 Metabones Speed Booster on the Blackmagic Cinema Camera

Metabones Speed Booster - With CapsBack in April it became clear that the Micro 4/3 version of the Metabones Speed Booster (the lens adapter that makes lenses wider, faster, and sharper), was going to be delayed for some time. While it still probably won’t be shipping for a while, the company has sent out some pre-production versions of the adapter, and we’ve got our first look at images from the adapter thanks to Philip Bloom, who recently got his hands on one. Check out his video below.

It looks like at the moment the Contax and Leica R versions are a bit further along, so it will probably still be a while before we see the Nikon model, and definitely a while before the Canon version (since they don’t actually have a timeline for the Canon MFT Speed Booster yet). We’ve already seen some copycat versions of this adapter, so while I have no doubt there will be cheaper options for folks, the quality of the optics in these adapters is very high.

I’m really looking forward to trying this out on the Blackmagic Pocket Camera. The MFT Speed Booster adds a crop factor of 0.71 to any camera taking the mount, so because the Pocket Camera is a 2.88x crop, it works out to 2.04x. Even though a 2x crop is still quite a bit, it’s basically the same as the Panasonic GH2 and exactly the same as the GH3. It’s unclear what Blackmagic is doing with the MFT version of the Cinema Camera, since they haven’t actually shipped any yet, but that crop factor will be about 1.6x, which is the same as putting full-frame lenses on Canon DSLRs.



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  • Impressive.

  • Have been a serial pest emailing Metabones about this product. Take my money already.

  • Wow. Another creative camera test by Bloom. God forbid in camera test land someone shoots a portrait in available light or even at night when the speed booster is likely to be used to great effect. Does every camera tester live alone in a sparsley furnished room with weird toys on their desk. A dog, a cat or perhaps even an ageing mother would be more cinematic!

    • Dan,

      Really? This is what you wrote. You understand why I did this test? Who for? Me? Think about it.

      Actually due to bad timing I had a tiny amount of time to get it done before I headed off for my first holiday in two years to celebrate mine and my girlfriend’s birthdays. I explain all this in the post which am sure you didn’t read or care to read in your rush to write your incredibly derogatory comment.

      Why did i rush to do it? As I was not going to take it all on holiday with me and wanted people to have the info and are it. It’s very cool and deserved being seen. I also explained in the blog post (which I do recommend you read) that I was going to do some further tests when I returned having bought two lenses. A C/Y and a Leica R purely to test this out. Who paid for that? Me. Why? So I could test this out and share with the community at my expense. Your response. A sh*tty comment which is like a smack in the mouth to me.

      Well I am not going to let it ruin my birthday but I do congratulate you making it more and more unlikely that people like me will make the effort in the future and will leave it up to you guys to find out stuff yourself when you buy something. It may be a pile of crap but you won’t know because people done do reviews or tests because of purile comments like this making simply think its simply not worth the grief.

      • Apologies for typos. Accidentally clicked send on iphone.

        Well you get this gist of what I am saying. Being derogatory may make you feel smug (and actually I think in real life you are probably a lovely guy) but it has one simple effect. It makes me shake my head and continue to question if this is worth continuing to do if this is the crap I get.

        I am sorry you find the occasional camera tests I do shit. I always try to make an effort like in my 50 minutes Blackmagic overview/ review. Again I apologise about the quality and if I decide to finish off these tests I hope you find them better. For now I am going back to what is left of my birthday and remove the sour taste you have put in my mouth via a nice Hendricks and Tonic!

        Cheers!! :)


        • Philip,
          I’ve been a long time follower of yours and trust me when I say you are greatly appreciated by this guy at least. Bought my first HD cam based on one of your videos, and I couldn’t be happier! PLEASE keep up the good work!

        • Philip, I am learneing English just to read and anderstand things that men like you write and say. Thank you. Keep working and Happy Birthday.

        • Philip, once again I’ll let u know, many appreciate the stuff you do, myself included. But you need to know your status has earned you both love and hate, that happens to all famous people. You really have to learn to look the other way coz as u can see, reacting attracts trolls like a magnet.

      • Happy Birthday, Philip. Please know there are a lot of professionals out there who dig your stuff and find your tests pretty helpful. Keep on keepin’ on.

    • I, too am angry that Mr. Bloom couldn’t be bothered to rent a full studio and rent proper lighting on his own dime to demonstrate this product of which I’ve just become aware. How am I supposed to dismissively discuss this at my next cocktail party if he can’t be bothered to meticulously present this sort of information? I mean, I assume I’m above this gadget, but how can I really know if he’s not willing to invest some serious time and money for me?

      Why must he be so selfish?

    • Philip, ill start by saying, what you do is fantastic and I am thankful! I have been reading a short list of blogs for 12 months now and often see you having to defend yourself. Don’t bother with the wakers. Haters will always hate.

  • YES!!! This would be a nice little boost for m4/3 and the BMPCC. I do plan to get a BMPCC so it’s great to see this Metabones adapter being developed. In addition I also have my Panasonic GH so that’s also a nice boost to that camera. I use Minolta Rokkor X lenses and i’d LOVE to see how they look using the Speedbooster. Can’t wait.

  • Andrew Reid from EOSHD posted his preliminar tests as well like three days ago, although it was on the GH3, but it’s interesting. Here goes:

    I wonder why you didn’t share it as well.

  • FANTASTIC! Thanks for sharing great content once again! Keep it up!

  • I hope to be able to do more tests in a week or so. For now it’s an impressive piece of kit that breathes life into the camera.

  • Great stuff Philip – I have a BMPCC on order so to be able to see how the Speed Booster affects the FOV is very informative – thank you very much for taking the time to review it for us all. And by the way – *love* the background – the Beatles!! Yay! Need I say more. Enjoy your hols – escape the dire English weather.

  • Dear Philip,
    Do not listen guys like Dan. Whole Russian community love you and appreciate your tests!

    You know, there are mainly two kind of people creators and those who do nothing but condemn.
    Leave them at their own misery! Do what you do and feel proud.

    • Cheers. Caught me at bad moment.

      I know. Next time ignore. Back to the gin :)

      • Hey Philip, I appreciate the test and reviews, wish ya had time to do more. Don’t let a Cynical Hipster mess up your birthday!

  • Yeah, bro!
    Better kiss your girl than write messages to Dan^-)

  • Phillip – Don’t let the haters get you down. I appreciate your efforts and the personal nature of your posts. The way you write makes me feel like I actually know you, even though we have not yet met. Keep it up!!

  • Ungoogleable on 05.20.13 @ 4:12PM

    Philip, I am a jealous fan of what you do and the who you are for the community. The haters, they are everywhere. It would be a vast task to respond to every single one of them on the internet. Think of it for a moment. They are a ton of them. Let go. Think about the productivity, the emotions, the anger this guy had on you at that very moment. Yeah I know. Those guys take the best of us. Ignore. All of us. Whenever you post something. For a week.

  • I like these tests, simple and effective. I was sold when I saw it. One I read this on dealing with haters:

    “If you are really effective at what you do, 95% of the things said about you will be negative.” (Scott Boras)

  • Morgan C. Simpson on 05.20.13 @ 4:22PM


    You inspire me many times with your videos, your demeanor, and your excellence. I wish I could do more to support you (e.g. buy more equipment through affiliate links or simply tip in Vimeo…I wish the plus account was not required.), but I do want to encourage you that many people understand your hard work. Every article and review you put out contains a wealth of time and information. I have learned a lot simply by observing your work and following your blog.

    Happy birthday! I wish you all the best and I truly wish you God speed in finding balance between the priorities of your life.


  • Roger Pettersen on 05.20.13 @ 4:36PM

    Happy birthday Philip and please don’t listen to the haters. We don’t see them making awesome reviews and critiques, spending their own hard-working money or supporting the community for years and years.
    Your website is my number one source of information(shared with nfs I might add).

    To all the haters.
    Please, start respect people like Philip whether you like it or not. I guess you’re here to learn and if you keep lashing out at people that try to help out and educate, they won’t keep doing such a marvelous job as they do.

    Thank you Philip Bloom,
    Thank you NoFilmSchool and thanks to all the contributors to this site and the community who helps people like me to evolve without paying a single dime.

  • Wow. The internet is full of some stupid people.
    The man is taking time out to get us some examples of a product we are all waiting to see.
    It’s free – it’s better than nothing even if it was 1/100th of the quality the above test is – and you moan and slate him, and continue to give him sh1t on his birthday after he replies? Christ.
    Get a grip you freaks.

  • WHY so much hate today’

    LIKE JAYZ said ” Wheres the love”

    I have not been the biggest BLOOM fan, but admit he does what he does , he does not claim to be christopher nolan.

    He did a test and talked about the adapters that were available to him all the extra stuff , who cares, he got to the bread and butter of the topic

  • Dear, Philip Bloom,
    I’m really surprised that you really care about people who talk s***. We have a saying in India which fits this context very well, at least I feel. Lots street dogs barks at royal celebrity elephant walking on through streets. Does awesome really care about those ignorant dog barks?? im trying to put this saying in the context, please note that im not comparing anyone to dogs or elephants. Dont ever take it literally!