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Director Wim Wenders Offers His Advice on How to Achieve 'Cinematic Perfection'

Wim WendersThere isn’t a movie in all of cinematic history that can truly be called perfect, but there are certainly some steps we as filmmakers can take to make the process of making one a little bit more so. In this TV spot for the fancy-ish non-domestic Stella Artois, renowned director Wim Wenders shares a bunch of advice on how to approach filmmaking — if your goal is to make cinematic perfection, of course.

Wim Wenders is one of those filmmaker’s filmmakers; an artist whose style of storytelling may not have made him a household name, but it surely has made him a legend in the filmmaking community (as well as to cinephiles everywhere). In fact, until I watched Wings of Desire, I had never been moved to tears by cinematography before, but I cried and cried — the way I do (silently and surreptitiously, because I’m super tough).

So, any chance we have to hear Wenders speak, or read something he’s written, we should probably jump at the chance — even if that means watching an ad campaign for a Belgian pilsner in which he advises never to get involved with animals (at all) or your actors (romantically), to never tell a story that someone else could tell better, and many other ways to seek perfection in filmmaking. (The whole “perfection in filmmaking” thing is a playful spin on Stella Artois’ “The Perfectionists” campaign — just FYI.)

Check out the spot below:

What do you think of Wim Wender’s advice? What piece of advice stuck out to you most? Let us know in the comments below.

[via Ben Boullier & Filmmaker IQ]


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  • That was very nicely shot!

  • Wim Wenders is one of my favorite directors and this commercial actually offers some great advice (especially the last two bits).

  • Wünderbar!

  • Great. Alas in France, Stella Artois is the cheapest low-cost working-class beer brand that apparently needed some image overhaul.

    • In England it is known as a wife beater. It’s disgusting piss, but compared to Bud or Miller or mainstream American piss it’s not too bad…

      • I’ve never understood that. They’ve always done fantastic commercials in the UK presenting themselves as a premium option and, unlike in France, it is more expensive than most beers, yet it has an association of being drunk by a completely different market to the one their ads appear to target. Why the disparity? Is it an aspirational thing on the part of consumers? Does it have a different market elsewhere in the world? How is it perceived in the US for example?

        • Why would anyone associate Stella Artois with France? It comes from Belgium…

        • Stella is one of the cheapest branded beers in the UK. Sits right next to Carling and Fosters. Those also have quite good advertising, doesn’t mean they’re not working class.

          • So ‘working class’ is now a derogatory term? Please tell me more about who works their arses off to benefit society, you bourgeoise hipster idiot.

      • Oh I’m so happy to live in a country where no “not-bought-by-western-piss-brewing-company” beer is a piss…
        Stella tastes ok only in Leuven, Belgium in a port pub next to the brewery, where its being served the last 600 years.

    • But… I like Stella..

  • Ähm – these are just excerpts of Wim Wenders great 50 rules of filmmaking which you blogged about some time ago, i think (dont find the link anymore …. here is another one:

    They are great! But no need to watch an ad :)


  • I’m thirsty all of the sudden.

  • I oppose “rules” and “perfection” in film, but I subscribe to this video.

  • Curious: Who directed this spot, and who were the creatives and which ad agency created this campaign?

  • And I always thought Brando was shouting for a woman. Seriously though, I like the ad, and if drinking Stella helps fund Wim’s next movie, I’ll start bathing in the stuff.

    • Amen to that! – Wim Wenders is one of the greatest filmmakers of all time. He is also, unfortunately, disrespected by many who should know much better.

      Aside from the obvious choices, the director’s cut of ‘Until The End of the World’ is an absolute masterpiece and even in it’s butchered form, it shows more imagination, originality and warmth than most other filmmakers can dream of.

      Total Fucking Legend! :D

  • Low On Pixels on 06.28.14 @ 3:32PM

    The 5 second rule is the only good one.

  • Wim is amazing. Period.
    His movies move me and stay alive in my head for ever.
    This was classic, superb, and refreshing.
    Hola from Cali to Wim Wenders!! We miss you!!!

  • Even this commercial brought tears to my eyes.
    Art rocks, and so does Wim!!!
    Thank you, No Film School, again.

  • brilliant & charming ! thanks win… our life is joyous better with your storytelling;.
    I’ll be copying the confetti end… too.

  • Very silly. ;)