If you are one of the millions of users who captured moments, built comedy careers, made experimental episodics, or just had fun with the Vine app, today is your last chance to make those memories last. 

The company was acquired by Twitter in 2012 and announced its closure in October. Since, Vine has developed and made the means available to capture work created on its platform for posterity. You can grab your work from the “Download Your Vines” button on the vine.co website, or from the iOS or Android apps. In the app, use the “Save Videos” button on your Profile page to export your chosen Vines to your phone’s camera roll. If you haven’t done so yet, you best get to steppin’, as the exact hour at which this option will cease to exist is unclear.

As was done with the classic prank Vine above, another option is to turn your Vines into animated GIFs using Giphy’s “Giphy Loves Vine” tool, which requires you to register for a Giphy account. Unlike Vines, GIFs don’t enable sound, but the tool will download your videos and sound files separately. 

Worry not, Vine lovers: the app isn’t disappearing altogether. It will exist as Vine Camera, a shell of its former self that will still allow the recording of 6-second looping videos for saving or direct posting to Twitter. However, Vine Camera lacks social and community functions.

Feature image bChalermpon Poungpeth