What's the best car chase in movie history? The one you think about and that immediately blows your mind?

I think the one in the middle of Ronin is maybe the most obvious to me. But also Bullit, Drive, and that Matrix: Reloaded highway scene. Oh, and maybe the instant classic Baby Driver deserves a place near the top. 

Even since the invention of the automobile, people have been working on them to race them. We want to see who can go faster and crazier. And in movies, it's no different. But over the last century of cinema, the car chase has changed a lot. 

And in some ways... they have stayed the same. 

Check out this video from Insider, and let's talk after the jump. 

How Have Car Chases Changed and Stayed the Same Over the Last 100 Years 

I loved watching the older footage of car chases in movies. It really opened my eyes to some classics I had never seen. It also impressed me how they used rear projection to simulate chases. One of the most famous is at the beginning of North by Northwest, but rear projection, green, and blue screens are all still used today to some extent. 

Obviously, where tech has gotten better are the CGI cars and also adding debris and danger. Fast and Furious did this a lot as the franchise went on, moving away from "real car" stunts and into scenes made on computers. 

Still, those daring to do things practically are being rewarded. Chases appear timeless when they use real cars and real drivers. I mean, just ask Steven McQueen about Le Mans

The addition of stunt drivers and the ability to shoot from more creative angles gave directors and cinematographers more freedom. 

What are some of the coolest things you learned from the video? Let us know in the comments! 

Source: Insider