nfs_oldI started this site in 2005 as a personal blog, mostly focused on chronicling my own efforts to get myself from North Carolina to New York City and start a film career there. Those goals have either been achieved or unfulfilled, depending on your definition of "career" and the particular point in time we're talking about (I had my own place in Manhattan for three years; now, I'm out on my own, couch-surfing and looking to move to Brooklyn). Whatever the four-year evaluation (am I "graduating?"), I'm definitely much more "in" the industry now, and it's time to turn this site into something useful for others instead of a navel-gazing, public journal.

As such, I'm currently redesigning, restructuring, and re-imagining this site. The image at left is what it looked like when I first moved to NYC (thanks to this very blog). It's going to be very different going forward, and will be focused on content that will be helpful for others (instead of, or at least in addition to, my own solipsistic ramblings). If you have, or want, an independent, creative career, things are going to get interesting. Stay tuned!

Also, as I convert old posts, give the site a facelift, and generally upgrade the environs, things may get ugly and/or broken. Of course, no one will notice, as 2/3rds of my visitors are currently dropping by because they need to fix their macbook.