DslrguideThanks to everyone for checking out The DSLR Cinematography Guide, which is up to 20,000 views since launching less than a month ago. While it's great to get traffic for something, what I'm most impressed by is the average time spent on the page: 12 minutes. This is an eternity by internet standards, where most people click on something, find it's not for them, and immediately click away. I'm sure many visitors to the guide itself fall into that category, which means the rest of you are spending double or triple that on the page, so I'll take that as proof it's helpful. And, of course, thanks to everyone who's commented on the guide.

Today I made some revisions and posted some new sections to the guide; read on to find out what's new.

Updated/expanded: Intro, Choosing a camera, LensesSupport system, Audio, Picture Style Editor, ISO noise, Transcoding

Added: LCD viewfinder, Field monitor

To add: DSLR drawbacks, Follow focus, Wireless follow focus, Steadicam, Gamma shift, Noise reduction, more...

I'd like to add a comprehensive section on all of the drawbacks of DSLR moviemaking, to delineate between the kinds of films a DSLR is good for and the kinds it's not, but I didn't have time; that should come in a future update.

I also hater-proofed the guide a bit more, adding a disclaimer to the intro that "this is one persons's opinion" and pointing out the fact that it's 100% free. I'm a decently fast writer -- especially when writing blog-style content like the guide, which isn't exactly Shakespeare (although I did squeeze a Shakespeare reference into the updates!) -- but this still takes plenty of time on my part, so I appreciate everyone who's said "thanks."

Finally, please share the guide with your friends and social networks; if you use Twitter, feel free to follow me at @ryanbkoo.