Screenwriting competitions: Page, BlueCat

Two upcoming screenwriting competitions, The Page International Screenwriting Awards and the BlueCat Screenplay Competition, share a deadline of April 1st (and a submission fee of $60). Page's grand prize is $25,000 and BlueCat's is $10,000. As with any contest, read the fine print. These opportunities are often great for money and/or exposure, but some of them also have draconian legalese attached, so be sure you're not surrendering too much, like exclusive rights in perpetuity, or your firstborn child.

Does anyone know of a centralized resource for filmmaking competitions and grants? I've certainly benefitted from such opportunities -- I won my camera in a competition and bought my laptop with grant money -- and so I'm looking for a decent competition/grant calendar to share with others, but I can't find one on the 'net. If there isn't a good calendar for filmmakers out there, I may have to scrape one together. Thoughts, anyone?

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Please would you list our competition which includes a screen play writing award.

Brit Writers' Awards Unpublished 2011:

Now Open for Submissions!

Award Categories: Screen Play, Stage Play, Poetry, Short stories, Stories for Children, Novels, Non-Fiction & Songwriting (16 & under categories: Poetry, Short Stories and Songwriting)

Official deadline: 5pm Friday 25 February 2011 (UK time)

Important note: Submission lines will be closed as soon as 20,000 entries have been received.

Entry fee £10.95 for 3 entries. Prize: £10,000 and publishing contract

Learn more & enter your work now!

Enquiries: 0871 237 4442,

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Check out... Philadelphia's SCREENPLAY FEST: An Online Screenplay Contest

$20.00 to Submit Early! MEET 100+ Hollywood Execs! Email Blasts to 3,000 execs! GET FEEDBACK & EXPOSURE!

Screenplays are uploaded onto our website for agents, producers, writers and ANYONE to leave Feedback and Vote On. Highest ranked wins AWARDS to improve and expose your screenplay and help make your writing dreams a reality.


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