Page1Two upcoming screenwriting competitions, The Page International Screenwriting Awards and the BlueCat Screenplay Competition, share a deadline of April 1st (and a submission fee of $60). Page's grand prize is $25,000 and BlueCat's is $10,000. As with any contest, read the fine print. These opportunities are often great for money and/or exposure, but some of them also have draconian legalese attached, so be sure you're not surrendering too much, like exclusive rights in perpetuity, or your firstborn child.

Does anyone know of a centralized resource for filmmaking competitions and grants? I've certainly benefitted from such opportunities -- I won my camera in a competition and bought my laptop with grant money -- and so I'm looking for a decent competition/grant calendar to share with others, but I can't find one on the 'net. If there isn't a good calendar for filmmakers out there, I may have to scrape one together. Thoughts, anyone?