ScriptfrenzyThe first annual Script Frenzy kicks off April 1st, challenging participants to write 100 pages in 30 days. There's no entry free and there are no prizes. If you finish a screenplay (draft) in 30 days, that script itself is the reward! Because carving out large chunks of time to write is one of the hardest things to do in the non-MTV version of The Real World, here's an opportunity to motivate and get that big idea out of your head and onto paper. Script Frenzy is run by the folks behind National Novel Writing Month, which has been around (and popular) for ten years.

Last April 1st, Zack and I embarked on our own unofficial script frenzy by "banishing" ourselves to beautiful Costa Rica, where we co-wrote 145 pages in 45 days (we spent the final two weeks of our 60-day trip revising). The result, Third Rail, made the rounds in Hollywood and garnered us twenty-one meetings; it was selected for Power to the Pixel's Pixel Pitch, and ultimately... I'm not sure. Third Rail is either in development hell, or it's not even in development; either way, for all intents and purposes, it's in limbo. This is what happens when you write a big, ambitious project requiring other people's money, instead of just doing it yourself.

And so I've got one eye on the Script Frenzy site and another on my calendar, trying to figure out if I can (once again) dedicate April to screenwriting. Can you?