Sensor_size_cheat_sheet-284x190With today's camera announcement from Sony, the established camera manufacturers are bringing out the big guns to play in RED's domain: large CMOS sensor, interchangeable lens, small form factor. However, RED still has one advantage in this price range (if they can ever ship the SCARLET): codec. Like a Jason Reitman movie, the future of the post-DSLR camera market is up in the air (sorry, that was bad). As such, my friend Matt Jeppsen over at FreshDV asks of the future of the DSLR market:

Who will be the company that swoops in and captures this market after the clunky, flawed DSLRs have paved the way, proven the tech, and stoked consumer’s fires? Will it be Panasonic, with their AF100? Will it be Sony, with this new E-mount line? It’s all speculation now, but we’ll see this fall when they ship. My feeling is that these two announcements are just the beginning of the real shift in camcorders.

Couldn't have said it better myself. However, Matt picks a surprising potential winner in the DSLR arms race -- while I still have high hopes for RED, Matt goes with an unexpected favorite. Head on over to FreshDV for his bet.