8ido18000008y38f-284x170Sony is joining Panasonic in the post-DSLR camera market with a compact interchangeable lens video camera. It doesn't have a model name yet, although Sony says they plan to "commercialize" it in Fall 2010 -- does "commercialize" mean release? The unnamed camera will take new Sony E-mount lenses (which go with their new NEX-3 and NEX-5 video-capable still cameras) as well as glass from Sony's existing "a" DSLR line. 

It seems this compact camera is in addition to another unnamed interchangeable-lens Sony model, more of the pro persuasion:

Suffice to say, by next year's NAB there will be less of a need to attach eyecups and elaborate support systems to cameras whose primary purpose is to shoot stills -- there should be plenty of options for getting a shallow depth-of-field with cameras actually designed for shooting movies.

[via DV Info]