Behind-the-scenes on The Last 3 Minutes

Regardless of whether you think Po Chang's The Last 3 Minutes is a rip-off of Chris Milk's Last Day Dream, the DP of the former film, Shane Hurlbut, has posted a series of very interesting behind-the-scenes videos from the making of the short. Despite the use of low-cost DSLRs, the video had a sizable budget, apparent in the amount of equipment and size of the crew employed on the shoot. Shane's done a very helpful voiceover, illustrating several clever shooting and lighting techniques:

"The Last 3 Minutes" Behind the Scenes

Making of "The Last 3 Minutes" Janitor Scene

Making of "The Last 3 Minutes" Vietnam Scene

[via Hurlbut Visuals]

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the last video is not available please update the url.

November 1, 2014 at 5:22AM, Edited November 1, 5:22AM

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