Catcollar-fail-284x225Great food for thought today by producer @TedHope on his indispensable Truly Free Film blog. 38 More Ways The Film Industry Is Failing Today contains a hundred quotables -- and could be 38 blog posts, really -- but the quote I'm pulling has to do with my own forthcoming DIY feature. While I'm not planning on the traditional greenlight route (instead employing a crowdfunding aproach), the 14th reason still applies:

We fail to utilize the two years from greenlight to release to market our film and build our audiences. Despite having the key economic indicators (i.e. stars & concept) in place at the time of greenlight, we underutilize that two year period when we could be sourcing fans, aggregating them and providing them with both the ramps and the bridges necessary to lead them to our work and then carry them to other new work.

This is why I now say in the sidebar that I'll be "launching my first feature-length project in July." It's not that I'm not going to be releasing the feature itself in July (I wish), but rather that the whole feature will be a very open process from soup to nuts -- it will have a website (with content!) from the beginning, that grows and adapts over the course of the production. As for Ted's quote that "the majority in the film industry are essentially luddites and technophobes, barely aware of the tools we have available to us to enhance, economize, and spread our work," I hope to make No Film School a notable resource for this by sharing not just camera-related know how, but web tools and techniques as well.