Dragonage-224x94One of the things I was most proud of when it came to my web series The West Side was, quite frankly, that it should've sucked a lot more than it did. If you took the challenging concept and combined that with our utter lack of resources, it really should've been a laughable home movie. The fact that we were even able to suspend disbelief at all was a minor miracle. I had a similar "it should suck more than it does" feeling while watching the latest Machinima.com web series to premiere, Dragon Age. This is a credit to the directing and editing, because if you think Hollywood's video game adaptations are bad, imagine trying to make a movie using the video game engine itself. Not easy, and the unitentionally risible moments are surprisingly few in Dragon Age:

I'm not saying this is the greatest thing since sliced bread -- which, unless you're eating whole grain or wheat bread, isn't that great itself -- but I think the elephant in the room with web serials is that everyone knows they could be a boundary-pushing creative medium, but instead what we're seeing most of the time is just wannabe Hollywood stuff. Anyone caught any good web series lately?

[via Tubefilter]