Adobe and Apple still getting along in the editing world, at least

Most of us use both Adobe and Apple products -- most commonly Adobe Photoshop and Apple Final Cut, I'm guessing. With the ongoing feud between the two companies reaching a joke T-shirt-spawning level, however, it's nice to know that their respective NLE programs still talk to each other (thanks to standards-based XML files). Since CS4, Premiere Pro has been able to open and export Final Cut XML files (which is handy for getting FCP sequences into After Effects, an action that used to require a $500 plugin). CS5 tutorial after the jump:

More details over at Adobe's Open Workflows page.

[via ProVideo Coalition]

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whats up – nice blog, just window shopping some blogs, seems an attractive nice platform you are utilizing. I'm currently using Wordpress

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This Blog IS Wordpress. Using a specific template, but the publishing platform is Wordpress with some plugins.

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