ArtistwArtists Wanted wants, well, artists. They're currently looking for "your best photographs" and are giving away $10,000 cash and a year of free living at a $1.2 million apartment at The Edge in New York City, along with a Manhattan gallery reception and airfare to and from New York City for the event. Obviously this is going to be a highly competitive project with prizes of that caliber. Deadline is June 7, so if you've got some great photos, check out their blurb:

Photography is power. In a world of images, every person with a camera has the potential to define the world around us. Great photographers capture moments that speak beyond the frame. Exposure is an international open call for inspired photography. This opportunity is open to photographers of all backgrounds who are able to speak exquisitely in the language of lenses and aperture. This is your moment to be discovered.

Link: Artists Wanted :: Photographers, This Is Your Moment