Cine-gear-expo-home-125x69Here's my second post trolling for videos from this past weekend's Cine Gear Expo in Hollywood. Every film/video gadget imaginable was on display, so there's still more to come if you're interested in the latest tools: checks out the LED-based Rotolight, a really inexpensive on-camera lighting solution that offers multiple color temperatures:

Cinema5D interviews Ulrich Goetze of Sunbounce about their adjustable and collapsible reflectors: interviews Bruce Dorn about his gearless follow-focus built specifically for the 5D Mark II, 7D, T2i, and 1D Mark IV:

DV Culture interviews Ricardo Reyes of CineRAID, who recommends RAID 5 for video editing -- as do I, although some have disagreed: checks in with Redrock Micro for the latest on their wireless follow focus (previously covered here):

Finally, the DV Culture folks interviewed the Cinema5D folks, to check out their shooting rig:

From the products above, I'm probably most likely to use the Rotolight, given its price and practical application for guerilla shoots (the low wattage is perfect for sensitive DSLRs like the 5D). In case you missed it, here's the first Cine Gear post. More to come...