Tons of DSLR and filmmaking tools from Cine Gear 2010 (part 3)

There was a lot of filmmaking gear at Hollywood's Cine Gear Expo this year (as evidenced by the fact that this is the third and not final post in the series). Included this entry are videos from RED, Kino Flo, Marshall Electronics, Lensbaby, and Hoodman:

DV Culture hears from Ted Schilowitz of RED about their new EPIC, EVF, and TATTOO cameras/programs: shows off the Mayberry Studio Multi-Facet, a clever product with a clever name enabling shooters to attach numerous accessories to smaller rod systems:

Video is no longer available:

DV Culture checks in with Bernie Keach of Marshall Electronics, who demoes a couple of new LCD monitors. I'm planning on buying a 5" LCD monitor for my 5D soon (despite its pathetic 480p output), and the fact that the Marshall has peaking (focus enhancement) is certainly appealing: checks in with special-effects lens manufacturer Lensbaby:

Video is no longer available:

Okay, so that wasn't hugely informative; if you're looking for some examples of what Lensbabys are capable of (they were recently used on Julian Schnabel's The Diving Bell and the Butterfly), check out Lensbaby's movie gallery.

DV Culture gets the lowdown from Mike Schmidt of Hoodman, about their Cinema Kit Pro for DSLRs:

DV Culture meets up with Scott Stueckle of top-quality (and top-cost) fluorescent light manufacturer Kino Flo, although it looks like in this instance the DV Culture guys could've used a stop by a camera lens cleaning cloth manufacturer:

Just kidding, guys; I know how these trade shows are. So many products to cover, so little time (and money). More on its way...

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