Somewhere_poster1What happens when an oversexed Hollywood actor has a daughter? This seems to be the question posed by the trailer for Sofia Coppola's Somewhere, a possible spiritual successor to Lost in Translation. Given LiT is by far my favorite Coppola film -- sorry, my favorite Sofia Coppola film -- I'm very much looking forward to Somewhere. Here's the trailer (available in HD if you select 720p):

The trailer features the only Phoenix song currently in my iTunes, Love Like a Sunset, as well as one of dozens of The Strokes songs residing in my library (in this case, the serene I'll Try Anything Once, a demo version of You Only Live Once). But for some reason this trailer reminded me most of a Kanye West song -- We Major -- because of its abrupt transition from girls-as-objects to girls-as-offspring. Kanye waxes philosophical about such a transition (NSFW lyrics, or something):

Feeling better than some head on a Sunday afternoon
Better than a chick that say yes too soon
Until you have a daughter, that's what I call karma
And you pray to God she don't grow breasts too soon.

On the other hand, maybe I'm just reading too much into the trailer. We'll see in December when the film hits theaters...