NfsIf the web series is the DIY version of a TV show, then it follows that we should expect DIY versions of all different genres of TV programming. Missing Reel is essentially a web version of At the Movies focused exclusively on grindhouse films from the '70s. Hosts David Walker and Kurt Loyd do a great job of profiling gems that might otherwise fall by the wayside, reviewing films like Ms. 45 with unapologetic quotes like "Ms. 45 takes the rape-revenge genre in an all-new direction." As you'd expect from the grindhouse genre, some of the web series is NSFW, but with the impending release of Robert Rodriguez's Machete, Loyd and Walker seem to have picked a good time to premiere their show. Which grindhouse film do they call "an exploitation film to end all exploitation films?" Watch the series premiere to find out:

I hadn't seen They Call Her One Eye, but it certainly makes sense that Tarantino borrowed Daryl Hannah's charater in Kill Bill from a grindhouse film. Also, I couldn't post about Missing Reel without mentioning Episode 2, Black in the Saddle, about blaxploitation Westerns. I'm not sure if you'd call my Urban Western The West Side a blaxploitation Western, but it did feature minorities, which I suppose makes this episode relevant:

All in all Missing Reel is a nice series so far, and one worth keeping tabs on if you're a grindhouse fan. I wouldn't be surprised to see this picked up by, say, AMC.

[via NewTeeVee]