September 14, 2010

First Look at the SmallHD DP6-SLR Field Monitor

Jason Wingrove has a great walkthrough of the just-launched SmallHD DP6 (formerly the DP-SLR) field monitor, which I've had my eye on for a while. It's a 5.6", 1280x800 monitor perfectly sized for DSLR use, and the high resolution of the unit makes it viable for use on higher-end cameras like the RED. Priced at $899 for the HDMI version and $1199 for the HD-SDI incarnation, from a resolution-per-buck standpoint this monitor can't be beat.

One of the main problems with 5D Mark II is the fact that its HDMI output drops from 1080i to 480p as soon as you hit the record button, which can introduce varying delays in different monitors. However, the new DP6 seems to be built with this in mind, and as Jason shows, it handles the resolution switch with aplomb:

Video is no longer available:

Here's a walkthrough of the menus, also from Jason:

Video is no longer available:

The monitor's screen appears a bit glossier than I'd like, but as you can see there's a (sizable) sunshade available. The only feature I see missing at present is a false color filter, which can be a great aid for obtaining proper exposure. SmallHD is currently selling the DP6 along with several accessories (monitor arms, battery brackets, etc), and they also have a larger 9" monitor available, the DP1x. I do a lot of handheld run-and-gun shooting so the 5.6" is the obvious choice, but if you mostly do tripod/studio shooting, you might be more interested in the 9" model. Anyone have any experience with SmallHD products they'd like to share?

Link: SmallHD DP6
[via Robin Schmidt]

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