Screen-shot-2010-10-22-at-5I mentioned in a previous post that Vincent Laforet and I will be on a panel together as part of next weekend's PhotoPlus Expo (which takes place Oct 28-30 here in NYC), along with Vimeo cohort Blake Whitman. I was actually planning on heading to Jon Stewart's Rally to Restore Sanity (and Stephen Colbert's Keep Fear Alive march) on October 30th, but then I realized our panel Platform Building: Using Online Video Sharing to Attract an Audience, Establish Creativity and Network takes place at the same time. So unless you're in DC, definitely think about registering for the conference. More details on the panel:

This panel of key luminary photographers will discuss shooting HD Video on a Digital SLR; the importance of online video sharing as the photographer's new business card; how to build following; network with peers; get discovered by potential clients; while learning and sharing technological information. Blake Whitman will moderate photographers Pulitzer prize winning photojournalist Vincent Laforet, Phillip Bloom and Ryan Koo. These luminary photographers will talk about how photographers of all levels use online video sharing Web sites to develop a network of peers, potential clients, and a passionate following. They will explain how artists collaborate and learn from one another online; how they hire and get hired for work; how they develop a loyal fan base for their art; and how all of these achievements help establish credibility. They will each show specific examples of successful work.

Actually, I think the panel has changed, Philip Bloom won't be able to make it, and there are some other photographers on it as well now (of course, I'm not even really a photographer, but thanks to DSLRs we're all cinemaphotographers now). If you're coming to the Expo, be sure to stop by!

Link: PDN PhotoPlus Expo