Gothams-festival-genius-audience-awardThe Gotham Independent Film Awards took place last night here in New York, and despite being fairly plugged into the indie film world, I couldn't help but notice when presented with the opportunity to vote for the audience awards online that I had seen less than half of the nominees. So now that the awards have been decided, I thought I'd call whatever attention I could to the winners, since indie films are too damn hard to see. Perhaps if one of these trailers piques your interest you'll add it to your Netflix queue or even buy it via Amazon. Without further ado:

Best Feature, Best Ensemble Performance
Winter’s Bone

Best Documentary
The Oath, directed by Laura Poitras

Breakthrough Director
Kevin Asch, Holy Rollers

Breakthrough Actor
Ronald Bronstein, Daddy Longlegs

Best Film Not Playing at a Theater Near You
Littlerock, directed by Mike Ott

Festival Genius Audience Award
Waiting For ‘Superman’, directed by David Guggenheim

Which of these films have you seen? Any praise or recommendations to share?

[via indieWIRE]