BundleheaderThe Humble Indie Bundle is a package of independently-developed games (5 in all), that work on all platforms, are free of DRM, and are currently being sold with a "pay what you want" model. On top of this, when you set your price, you can also determine what % of your purchase goes to the developers, and what goes to charity. The've sold over 120,000 bundles so far, and presumably a large portion of the one million dollars of revenue is going to charity. Deal expires Tuesday; here's a video look at the bundle.

The games on offer:


I'm not an affiliate or anything of this release; I simply want to draw attention to all things independent, and the "pay what you want, for charity" business model is a great one. Also, keep in mind that there's nothing necessarily game-specific about "Humble Indie Bundle" -- what if they packaged a number of indie films for their next bundle? Stay tuned...

Link: The Humble Indie Bundle
[via CrunchGear]