Vimeo-video-school1Vimeo has announced a new addition to their site, and it's a great one: Vimeo Video School. It's just what you would imagine: a host of good how-to videos organized in one place, free to watch (as is everything on Vimeo). VVS should be a great place to go to learn the basics of shooting and editing; here's what they've got at launch.

Video 101
For the beginners, we've personally created a series of entry-level instructional videos. These are a perfect way to help your friends and relatives who have little experience get started on the path to making great videos. We hope these 101 videos will answer a lot of first time questions and demystify the process of making videos. They're fun, so check them out and share them with your friends.

DSLR Basics with Philip Bloom
For everyone who just bought a DSLR camera and wants to learn about the incredible potential they have, Philip Bloom and Andrea Allen have created a helpful series that covers everything you need to know. Honestly, these videos are worth watching just for the chemistry between these two goofs. Plus, you might even learn a thing or two.

Vimeo Lessons
In addition to this, we'll be crafting a series of Lessons, which are tutorial posts that incorporate some of the amazing instructional videos our members have created. We've designed these to be a super easy way for you to take your skills to the next level. Most Lessons include a challenge at the end that allows you to show off what you've learned and interact with your fellow talented Vimians who have also participated in the challenge.

Tutorial Categories
In order to cover even more ground, we've categorized another 1,000 user-made tutorials into easy-to-browse sections. Jump right in to any category and check out all the helpful videos our members have made on a wide range of topics.

Some of the featured videos are new, and some of them are a bit older; the video school is thus a great way of bringing together a ton of tutorials in one place. Like this After Effects tutorial from Nick Campbell, for example:

Or this "How to set up your 7D" video from Tyler Ginter:

If you have a video that you think would make for a good "course" in the school, submit it here.

Link: Vimeo Video School