Story-beyond-still-224x79At the currently-running 2011 Sundance Film Festival, there are a number of films that are premiering simultaneously in front of a live audience and online. One of these projects is the conclusion to the Canon- and Vimeo-sponsored Story Beyond the Still contest, which, according to Canon, is "the largest online collaborative film contest in history." Largest or not, the chapter-by-chapter crowdsourced film has produced some great individual shorts, and now for the first time it's available as one complete film -- with a new final chapter to cap it off. Watch the 38-minute compendium in its entirety here:

If you'd already seen the previous chapters and just want to watch the final chapter -- the eighth installment, written by the previous chapter winners and directed by Vincent Laforet, starring Judd Nelson -- here it is by itself:

And here's the behind-the-scenes video:

Some very impressive work in there. What did you think of the visuals, and how well did the crowdsourced story hold up in your opinion?

[via Vincent Laforet]