Image-224x121In a genre that's since come to be dominated by the often crass commercialism of, say, Dreamworks Animation, the originator of the 3D animated feature -- Pixar -- remains a cut above the rest. Watching this compendium of their 15-year history, it strikes me that these movies feel like real events, with real people, begetting real memories -- but amazingly, they're just 1s and 0s. And despite the billions of dollars made and every manner of commercialism pursued, Pixar films still feel driven by imagination, not merchandising. Here's a look back, expertly edited by Leandro Copperfield:

[youtube! expand=1 site_id=26256498]

My personal favorites are Monsters, Inc. and the first act of WALL-E. The opening of Up was also terrific. Oh, and The Incredibles was great, too. So was Finding Nemo... Anyway, how about you, which Pixar films top your list? Also, I mentioned Dreamworks Animation up top. So what's the difference between Pixar and Dreamworks (other than a dichotomy in critical reception)? Via /film, this drawing from poe-news has some idea (you'll have to lean in a bit because of the small font size):


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