Earlier this week there was a minor controversy with my statement that the "entire HDLSR community" was fooled by the rumored 4K Canon T2i firmware; in retrospect, I simply should've left off "entire." However, I never claimed that I didn't report rumors, and to prove that point, here's a report of a rumor: a new version of Final Cut Pro is due in March or April, according to Hardmac. Rumor or not, we're certainly due for a new version of FCP, given the last update was fairly minor. So here's my question for you: what new features are on your wish list?

We last heard that Apple might be dumbing down this next version of FCS after laying off 40 Final Cut workers. This remains a possibility, as Hardmac reports in broken English (it's a French site) that "[FCS 4] should be a substantial update when compared to the previous version, but not sure it could bring all new features expected by all Pro users." It would be strange for Apple to focus on prosumer features, however -- don't they have iMovie and Final Cut Express for that? Anyway, I switched to Premiere Pro a while ago, so I can't quite remember what features I'd like in the new version of Final Cut Studio, other than GPU acceleration (probably powered by OpenCL instead of CUDA). So, editors -- what are you hoping to see in the next release of FCS?

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