T2i-4k-hack-2Late last week rumors started flying about a firmware upgrade to be posted January 1st that would allow the Canon T2i to shoot at 4K (4096x2304) resolution. All of the HDSLR and video blogs I follow posted the rumor, including ProVideo Coalition, EOSHD, Cinema5D, Philip Bloom, Robin Schmidt, and planet5D. There was just one problem with this firmware: it never existed.

I'm not going to take the high road here and claim that I don't report unsubstantiated rumors, but I do try to post things when they actually happen -- and when they can actually help someone who's set to shoot -- instead of when they're rumored. Many video sites took down their original post (which is not in my opinion a good blogging practice) once it became clear that it was a hoax. And while everyone likes to share breaking news via Twitter, Facebook, and the social media site du jour, the fact is, these cameras are only as good as what we put in front of them. As far as DIY filmmaking goes, writing, directing, acting, lighting, and set design (not to mention fundraising) represent much larger obstacles than the resolution of these cameras -- 1080p is plenty. In fact, Canon DSLRs resolve about 650 lines -- not even "true" 1080p. So even if one were to upgrade the firmware to output 4K resolution files, it's not like you would magically have a RED camera. Considering most of the videos we're watching online are being posted at 720p resolution -- and considering no one's getting rejected from Sundance because they didn't shoot in 4K -- to me this was not a story unless files were posted demonstrating the actual increase in quality, and since that never happened, there is no story.

For anyone who's interested in the videos that were released as part of this hoax, here they are for posterity's sake.

What was the "point" of all this? Just this video:

Move along, there's nothing to see here.