March 7, 2011

DoddlePRO Aims to Enable Paperless Film Production with Mobile Interactive Call Sheets

Doddle, an iOS/Android application that has to date functioned primarily as a database of contacts for film professionals, has launched doddlePRO. The pro version brings to the table interactive callsheet functionality and is designed to help producers manage cast and crew with a paperless approach. Here are some screenshots, and the feature list of the pro version:


*Add Listings Manually or from the doddle Directory Right Into Your Call Sheet
*Interactive and User Friendly
*Auto - Update Weather and Emergency Info for your Shoot or Event by Adding a Location and Date
*GPS right to your location
*Send Internal Call Sheet Notes to any member on your Crew
*Send digital and PDF versions of your Call sheets to “All”, By “Department” or to “Individuals”
*Password protect your call sheets and assign Editing rights
*Assign Individual call times to your crew (Choose Report, OnCall, or Pickup)
*Manually add any entity to the call sheet if you cannot find them in the doddle directory
*Add Resources from your personal contacts
*Add resources from the doddle favorites and recent pages
*Assign 2-way radio Channels to Departments
*Copy your call sheets so you don’t have to rewrite multiple day shoots
*Rename your call sheets at any time
*Call, email, or text your crew members right from the call sheet

Note that you don't need the pro version to add yourself to the database of available crew members -- the free version allows for listing and searching. Premium features include resume posting, reel uploading, and all of the production features above. Anyone out there already using Doddle? Any experiences to share?


[via Hand Held Hollywood]

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I have doddle on my iphone for what has to be close to a year now. It has never been very useful in practice. I always tried to be but I have to admit I haven't opened it for awhile. I was an early adopter and it felt like a huge ad for the pro version that didn't exist yet. So I hope it does well for them, maybe someone will find my listing on there.

I think for it to be really successful it would also need a desktop version that syncs with the app. No matter how much we are on our phones I'm sure the AD would rather be typing 40 peoples names and numbers on a computer.

It looks great for last second changes but to get a project up and running it seems difficult.

March 7, 2011 at 9:40PM, Edited September 4, 7:54AM


There's a new website that just came out called Easy Call Sheets ( where if you pretty much get unlimited everything and some custom branding (when it comes to sending out emails) and it's only $10 a month with a 14-day trial.

February 19, 2016 at 2:30PM

Mike Vannelli
Producer / Director