Final-cut-pro-x-faqVideo learning site Izzy Video has created a 2.5 hour Final Cut Pro X online training course -- and released it for free. Many of the tutorials at Izzy's site are normally part of a paid membership, but you can go watch this one in its 26-part entirety, without charge. I haven't done a tutorial on nonlinear video editing since 1998, when I first learned how to edit on a Media 100. But when I booted up Final Cut Pro X this week, I was lost. I couldn't even drag a clip onto the timeline because the behavior was completely new. So much thanks to Izzy for posting.

Due to bandwidth issues, Izzy took down the project files (which were originally available for download), but you can easily follow along without them -- just substitute your own footage (the project files are just video clips).

Link: Final Cut Pro X Tutorial, Web-Based and Totally Free! | Izzy Video

[Thanks, @BrettSnelgrove]