The Final Cut Pro X release has so many editors up in arms that one mocking video is not enough. Jeffrey Harrell cut this exploration of Final Cut Pro X's (missing) features to emulate the trailer for The Social Network, using snippets of Steve Jobs' own speech from WWDC '97:

Note: if this video disappears from YouTube (it was previously taken off of Vimeo for music clearance reasons), you can grab the file here.

Let me get this out of the way: I am not denying FCP X has a lot of potential! I'm approximately a thousand times slower with it right now, but that doesn't mean as I get used to the program I won't end up liking it (especially when future versions add in the missing features highlighted above). There is no shortage of opinions on the new NLE, and quite frankly no wrong or right answer -- only what works best for your own workflow. That said, were I taking on freelance editing jobs, I'd stick to what I know -- either FCP 7 or Premiere Pro. There's no pressure to switch, after all.

[via ProVideo Coalition]