Redepic-lg1-224x148RED's head honcho Jim Jannard has posted a number of updates to RED's camera prices. Because of the tsunami in Japan, production schedules and prices have been affected. The list of new 2012 prices is kind of ugly as posted by Jim, but thanks to Peter Roehsler and some Google Docs magic, here it is as a correctly-formatted table:

As you can see, the biggest change is the EPIC-X brain has increased by $7k (though, as Jim points out, this is with the new titatium PL lens mount instead of the now-discontinued aluminum one, which decreases the net price change to $5,500). Still, one can only wonder what impact this will have on their long-awaited, oft-delayed cameras at price points we're used to.

If you're not already a RED customer, because of their ordering stages you can't currently order an EPIC-X, but that will presumably change soon -- certainly before the above price increases, which don't go into effect until January 1, 2012 (correct me if I'm wrong, RED shooters). And of course, on the DIY side what many of us in the indie world are wondering about are the forthcoming SCARLET and EPIC-S models. But whenever anyone asks about those in the forums, they're met with silence -- which I assume means we're talking about release dates well into 2012.

More details on shipping stages, etc. over on REDUSER.