The trailer for Lucasfilm's WWII fighter pilot drama Red Tails has been released, and the big budget, Sony F35-shot picture looks... well, not that enthralling, in my opinion. But there's something of interest for low-budget DSLR shooters: at least five shots in the trailer were shot on a DSLR, according Philip Bloom, who was a second unit DSLR DP and camera operator on the film. Watch the trailer in HD and see if you can tell which shots were shot on DSLRs (specifically, the Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 7D, and Canon 1D Mark IV):

Could you tell which shots originated on a DSLR? I couldn't. Of course, it's harder to evaluate the quality over the internet than it would be in a theater, so for a closer look download the 1080p version.

[via Philip Bloom, EOSHD]