13462_1316551914-224x95XML import/export has finally made its way to Final Cut Pro X in a 10.0.1 update Apple released today. This brings, yes, a form of backwards compatibility for Final Cut Pro 7 users, as one can now import and export rich XML files from FCPX. Unfortuantely -- and I initially misunderstood this -- "rich XML" does NOT work with Final Cut Pro 7 (more on this after the jump)! But also among the new features are GPU-accelerated export rendering (as opposed to just playback), Xsan support, and a camera import SDK (to allow developers to write plugins for specific cameras). Apple's Richard Townhill, senior director of applications product marketing said of the release:

"We're making good on our promise that we're absolutely committed to our core group of professional users. The fact that we're able to deliver these key improvements — the most requested from our pro editors — so quickly, through the incredible infrastructure of the Mac App Store, just goes to show that we are committed to making this application deliver on what we promised."

However, "rich" XML does not work with FCP7, apparently. I'd originally included this quote only to misinterpret a different article. Here's the deal, from Studio Daily:

That XML data will also be the way to access older projects in legacy versions of Final Cut Pro. But nothing is built into this update to let you do that, and Apple will continue to rely on developers to provide the bridge. If you already use an asset manager like CatDV that supports both Final Cut Pro 7 XML and Final Cut Pro X XML, you can do that now. We'll be talking to more of them shortly, including AJA's John Thorne, to get a better sense of that XML roadmap. At this writing, however, you can now export rough cuts to DaVinci Resolve, and Resolve's Lite version will very shortly have XML import built right in. Resolve can then export back those full color-corrected files into FCPX.

More thoughts from Larry Jordan and on the Videoguys blog. And if XML isn't enough to fill in the gaps for you (still coming in 2012: multicam and better output monitoring), check out Adobe's 50% offer.

Link: Final Cut Pro X Software Update - Apple

[via Videoguys]