H264-teaser-00-224x87Pomfort makes a number of interesting Mac tools for DSLR and indie filmmakers. I went to their site to check out DSLR Log2Video Plugin, a $29 plugin for working with DSLR footage shot with Canon's CineStyle picture profile. The plugin is a part of the $129 Silverstack LT H.264, which I found myself evaluating as a tool for offloading and backing up DSLR-originated projects. Silverstack LT is, in turn, the limited version of the $825 data wrangling workflow aid Silverstack SET, which adds advanced features and support for the ARRI ALEXA and RED cameras. Then I found myself checking out their MamboFrame, which turns an iPad into real, physical clapper sticks -- it's not just an app:

Interesting -- good idea (it's not available yet, though pre-orders are being accepted).

I haven't used any of these applications myself, but Pomfort is a fairly new company and I've been impressed by the idea of their apps, their website design, and the fact that 14-day free trials are available for downloading. Anyone used any of these apps?

Link: Pomfort