C300-224x126I've said that for all intents and purposes the RED SCARLET-X and Canon C300 are the same price and shipping at the same time, and even though production units of the SCARLET-X started shipping first, it's interesting that there's a lot more C300 footage out there than there is SCARLET stuff. This is partly due to the fact that the first SCARLET units are likely in the hands of pro RED acolytes like Steven Soderbergh, David Fincher, Peter Jackson, and Greg Williams, and those guys are too busy to post camera tests or reviews -- but Nino Leitner has just posted a C300 review and a short. Here 'tis:

First of all, I should note: as with Vincent Laforet's Mobius, this was a test film made with very limited time. It would be much easier to simply shoot a number of test shots instead of putting the camera through the paces of a real-world production. Note the following was shot in Canon LOG mode. Thanks very much to Nino (and director Mario Feil) for doing so!

Check out Nino's full review for more observations:

The Canon C300 has much to love, and very little not to like. Its biggest downside is clearly the lack of 10bit output, but I can count on one hands the times that I have really needed that.

Canon fulfilled most of my wishes here:
- small form factor, light
- no aliasing or moiré
- increased light sensitivity
- EF lenses on a proper camcorder, without the need of expensive adapters
- 4:2:2 50MBit codec
- proper batteries (they last FOREVER, we got almost 5 hours out of one of the big ones

I have already decided that this will be my future camera … it fits most of the jobs that I do and it ticks more boxes on my list than any other camera before.

Also, thanks to Peter Hainzl for this behind-the-scenes:

"I just hope the price will be competitive." Indeed! No final word yet on U.S. pricing.

Link: Canon EOS C300 – Review & short film - Nino Film

[via Cinema5D, thanks Richard]