Sundance-film-festival-2012-slice-01-224x74Today the 2012 Sundance Film Festival kicked off, and most of the indie film world is currently in Park City. I'm staying home to work on my own feature, but I feel like I'm missing a lot of great films... so I just sat down and watched every trailer I could get my hands on (link after the jump). Here's the kickoff video from Sundance's YouTube Channel with Festival Director John Cooper, and Director of Programming Trevor Groth:

Hot tub jokes aside, the festival is and should be all about the movies, so if you're interested in which films are playing at the festival (and which films you might be seeing over the next year), check out the largest collection of Sundance 2012 trailers I could find -- 94, to be exact -- at Prescreen.

Link: Watch Sundance 2012 trailers on Prescreen