I've always been a fan of Vimeo's clean design, not to mention their filmmaker-centric features and community. Today they officially announced a new design, which places larger video embeds front and center, and which they will be rolling out over the next few weeks. I was surprised to see my friend Damian Washington in the launch video -- you might recognize this guy as the lead from The West Side -- or not, he looks quite different when not in an alternate universe:

A sampling of new Vimeo features:

  • Import friends/followers from Facebook and Twitter
  • Related links on almost every page for easier navigation
  • Enhanced messaging features, like sorting unread messages
  • Smarter thumbnail selection
  • The ability to sort videos by their length
  • Vimeo Events listings let you know what we’re doing and where we’ll be
  • Add a personal message when you invite friends
  • Picasa photo support for video pages
  • Voice recognition search with Google Chrome browser
  • Download any version of a video (SD, HD, original, mobile)
  • Super-sharp 960-pixel thumbnails on the video page
  • Contextual help module on every page of Vimeo
  • Your recently uploaded videos appear on your homepage
  • Add multiple URLs to your profile page
  • Delete a video right from the video page
  • Combined share/embed functionality
  • More ways to discover all the things Vimeo offers
  • Video downloads available to non-members

You can sign up below for the new design (and read about the new features), or just wait for it to appear sometime in the next few weeks.

Link: Sign up for the new Vimeo