Rgrain-224x80Many of you have been using Rgrain with great results after we covered it here. Now they've extended their grain packages to even more 16mm and 8mm filters. Film grain filters are fantastic for giving your movie that little bit of dirtiness to compensate for too clean of an image. These new filters also have an advantage over their other filters - they cost a lot less.

This is a video showing off their new 16mm filters:

This one shows off their new 8mm filters:

They have added a new Complete Pack that includes these new filters as well as everything they've done before. For a limited time they've got a $10 off deal going on the normally $99 Complete Pack if you use this code: 10S83750. Here is everything contained in the complete pack:

  • Sixteen 1080p ProRes 422 film grain plates at 23.976 fps (Each clip loops for 30sec—6.5Gb Total DL)
  • RG 35mm "Ultra Fine"
  • RG 35mm "Lush"
  • RG 35mm "Smooth"
  • RG 35mm "Exciter"
  • RG 35mm "Coarse"
  • RG 16mm "Thick Coating"
  • RG 16mm "Old Stock"
  • RG 16mm “Soft”
  • RG 16mm “Smooth”
  • RG 16mm “Coarse”
  • RG 16mm “Damaged”
  • RG Super 8mm "Nostalgia"
  • RG Super 8mm “Clean”
  • RG Super 8mm “Dirt Master”
  • RG Super 8mm “Burn in hell”
  • RG Super 8mm “Instant Vintage”
  • Three micro dirt loops. (Each clip loops for 10 sec)

If you're not really sure about the benefits of adding grain to your video, it's more than making the footage look more film-like. It can help with gradients when sending projects to the web. Rgrain has a wonderful video showing this below:

The 16mm and 8mm packages are going to run you $30 each, but it's really a small price to pay if you need that look. Honestly, it's a much better deal to get the Complete Pack and use the $10 off code - and you'll get everything they make.

I think Rgrain has some really interesting offerings, and it's clear that they've made themselves a contender. A lot of people will obviously still prefer real scanned grain (or shooting the real thing), but these digitally created filters seem to do a good job and will add that little bit of texture to your film. In this age of digital filmmaking, there are still going to be plenty of times when that crisp digital look just doesn't work, and a little dirtiness will do the trick.

Link: Rgrain Products - Website

[via planet5D and HDCamTeam]