I've always been a fan of ingenious designs that are DIY and require some screws and some glue. I know many of you felt that sense of accomplishment when you built that wooden dolly with skateboard wheels and PVC pipe - some of you are still building them (hint: they work!). But thanks to planet5D and Michael Carey we've got an interesting Kickstarter project that is DIY at heart and solves the issue of having your camera on a rig, but needing a way to start/stop it without taking it off your shoulder or moving it.

Here's the trigger in action and the setup required:

The Kickstarter video. If this were a test, I'd have to take off a few points for the aspect ratio - it's a small detail but it's important when running any campaign to put your best foot forward.

Here's a summary from the Kickstarter campaign:

  • The Stedi-Shot is a bracket that the camera sits on that holds a cable release that is aligned with the start/stop button on the back of the camera. By using the cable release to activate the start/stop button there is no shaky footage caused by pushing the button. It is that simple.
  • Also there are 3 types of trigger releases that fit industry standard 15 mm and 1/2 inch rods. And also for Zacuto type shoulder rigs. I am currently working on trigger releases that fit more shoulder rigs.
  • The STEDI-SHOT is completely made out of solid aircraft aluminum that is cnc machined. It is then anodized with a protective coating.
  • The STEDI-SHOT is manufactured and assembled in the USA.


What do you guys think? I've seen plenty of DIY rigs put together with screws, pipes, and glue. I haven't seen an ingenious design that solves a somewhat annoying problem - being able to start the camera on your shoulder and stop it just as easily. The price is another matter - with the cheapest option on Kickstarter standing at $60 - shipping included for US customers (an extra $10 if you're in Canada and $20 if you're international). For some people this is essential, for others, $60 just might put it outside of your price range - and it'd be easier to just deal with the inconvenience of moving the camera or taking it off your shoulder, and have a few seconds of useless footage.

Link: Stedi-Shot DSLR Trigger - Kickstarter

[via planet5D)