341847-ikea-upplever-224x158The fact that 4K is the buzzword at this year's NAB makes me think about the people I know who are less technically inclined and who, despite having an HDTV, are watching less than HD-quality content on it due to configuration issues. Most people don't watch HD content even if they have an HDTV. The issue of configuration is one of the issues I believe Apple will try to solve when and if they introduce their own TV (the remote control -- or method of input -- being another). Turns out there's another major manufacturer with an eye on the living room entertainment center -- furniture maker IKEA.

Okay, so it's just a built-in 400MHz 1080p RCA TV, which means that IKEA isn't doing away with cables per se, just hiding them (and integrating a Blu-ray/DVD player with built-in speakers). Still, in this week of 4K this and 2.5K that, I thought it was worth using IKEA's foray into TV to call attention to the fact that most people will be watching our films on laptops, iPads (though the new one has a really nice screen, albeit one that's too reflective for my taste), mobile phones, or improperly-configured TVs. Which makes 4K a big selling point for the theatrical experience precisely to separate it from the cheaper, more convenient living room viewing option.

You will find UPPLEVA in Stockholm, Milan, Paris, Gdansk and Berlin in June 2012. During autumn 2012 UPPLEVA is available in all of the stores in Sweden, Italy, France, Poland, Denmark, Spain, Norway and Portugal , and during spring 2013 in even more countries.

No word on whether it's headed stateside but I would bet "even more countries" in spring 2013 is the target. How happy are you with your current home theater configuration? Would you trade in all of your components for something simplified like the UPPLEVA?