Earlier this week, Sony announced the Sony FS700, and today they released some of the first footage shot on the camera as part of their official launch.  Yep, it's pretty much a promo film, but it has lots of goodies to take a look at, especially in terms of the FS700's slow-mo capabilities, along with some very interesting footage shot by candlelight.  Check it out:

There should be more footage coming out in the next couple of weeks, and we'll try to put together a round up for you to check out.  But in the meantime this does show off a lot of what the camera can do.  As a side note: this camera is kind of scary -- just look at how shell shocked director Peter Prevec appears, it's like he's seen too much.

Lucky for us!  Because he shares some of the shooting details for the footage he contributed to the film in this post.

[Update: and you can now check out some of the excerpted test shorts in full here]

[via Too Much Imagination]