After Atomos made quite the splash with their Ninja ProRes SSD external recorder, they announced at this year's NAB an update to that model, the Ninja 2, as well as a new operating system called AtomOS 3.0. While users of the original Ninja recorder will not be able to benefit from the updated software and its new features, owners of the Atomos Samurai HD-SDI recorder can download the firmware update now. Here is an overview of some of the new additions in the brand new version of their operating system:

If you haven't seen it already, here is a general overview of AtomOS 3.0 and the Ninja 2 recorder from NAB:

The biggest addition to the software is the metadata abilities. You're now able to mark clips, log in and out points, and favorite clips. It's fairly easy to have 20, 50, or 100 clips from from a day of shooting, so being able to know ahead of time which clips you liked or which parts of particular clips you know are useful will save precious time in post-production.

All of the new features will be available on the new Ninja 2, and also for anyone who currently owns the Samurai recorder. The Ninja 2 is finally usable with DSLRs without any sort of hacking thanks to the new Nikon D800 and it's ability to output an 8-bit, 4:2:2 signal from its HDMI port. There has been some confusion about the way the D800 sends out its 1080p signal, but thankfully Atomos has worked out the issues and not only can the Ninja 2 be an excellent external monitor, but it can record beautiful ProRes files right from that DSLR.

If you've got the Samurai recorder you can download that 3.0 firmware update right now from the link below.

Link: Atomos Ninja 2 & AtomOS 3.0 Firmware Update

[via DSLR News Shooter]