Not to be outdone by Canon's recent lens announcement, Zeiss today unveiled a few new full-frame 35mm cinema lenses to round out their lineup. The two lenses announced, a CP.2 25mm T/2.1, and a CZ.2 28-80mm T/2.9, complement a selection of lenses that are somewhat future proof because of the frame size they cover and their interchangeable lens mounts. The Compact Zoom, like most cinema zooms, is going to be a rental for most people, but it's one of the few real cinema zooms in existence that keeps focus through the entire zoom range and covers the full-frame 35mm image circle (36mm x 24mm).

Here is a little bit from the press release on the CZ.2 thanks to Matthew Duclos of Duclos Lenses:

This is the second Compact Zoom CZ.2 lens from Carl Zeiss, complementing the Compact Zoom CZ.2 70-200/T2.9 presented in April at the NAB Show 2012 in Las Vegas for the longer focal length range. For color rendition, contrast and other parameters such as great flare suppression, calibrated focus scales, consistent aperture over the zoom range, round iris the new CZ.2 family is closely aligned to one another, making these lenses ideal for attaining a consistent optical performance when changing lenses.

About the CP.2 lens:

Our optical experts have virtually eliminated the chromatic aberrations on these lenses through a special design and selection of materials. We can now offer a constant max T-Stop of 2.1 for all of our CP.2 lenses in the focal length range of 25-135mm.

The zoom lens weighs in at only 5.5lbs., which is exceptional for a lens of its performance (meaning minimal breathing and focus retention). Many have been looking for a CP.2 25mm T/2.1 (including me), and it was only a matter of time before we saw one. While not as fast as Canon's 24mm T/1.5, There's no question we'll be seeing a lens like that added to the new Super Speed line. There doesn't seem to be a price yet, but since they are going to phase out the old 25mm T/2.9, I would imagine that this lens will slot right in there. The new CZ.2 is going to run around $20,000, very similar to Canon's new zoom lenses.

What do you guys think? For those who can't afford the CP.2 primes, what did you think of them if you've rented them? Are these new lenses a welcome addition?


[via Circle of Confusion - Matthew Duclos]