Mountain-lion-thunderbolt-hackintosh-224x130Apple OS X Mountain Lion came out this summer and it supports the latest Intel Ivy Bridge processors -- which means it's time to update our guide to building a Mac out of high-performance, inexpensive PC components. It also happens that you can get a PC motherboard with Thunderbolt ports that work in OS X -- and you can't even get a Thunderbolt Mac Pro! Our old machine (the Hackintosh I built in October 2010) is still running great, but this new machine is much faster than a Mac Pro and is still less than half the price -- with the latest nVidia graphics cards also getting native support for great video/3D/pro performance. With Apple CEO Tim Cook noting there's something new in the works for later next year (2013), it doesn't look like we'll be getting a new Mac Pro anytime soon (and when it does come out it'll likely be much more expensive than this machine) -- so here's a step-by-step guide to building the latest, greatest (fake) Mac money can buy.

Link: How to Build a Hacktinosh (Mountain Lion Update)