29-steps-getting-film-made-in-hollywood-e1353269907440-224x131Getting a film made in Hollywood is no small task, and more often than not, many projects wind up in what many call "Development Hell." This is where a project gets stuck in an endless loop of nonsense that usually involves a back and forth among the various individuals who are working on a particular film. Joshua Marston, writer/director of Maria Full of Grace and The Forgiveness of Blood (which also happens to be available from the Criterion Collection), has put together a graphic giving a (only slightly) tongue-in-cheek step by step process to getting a film green-lit in Hollywood.

Joshua Marston originally posted this online at NPR.org:


If you've ever noticed that one of your favorite Hollywood projects has been in development for years or has fallen apart suddenly, there is a very good chance it has faced one of the issues outlined in the graphic. In reality, you're likely going to face many of these same problems trying to get your own film made, even if you aren't trying to court A-list celebrities. Getting a film off the ground and into production is its own miracle, and I'm sure many of you can relate in some way to the difficulties presented above.

Which steps have you encountered in your own productions? What have you done to solve them? Share your stories below in the comments.